Pegasus Offers Multistage Compressors for Any Application

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Pegasus’ fleet is well-suited for any application or basin in North America

Pegasus fabricates skid-mounted compressors with Caterpillar engines, Ariel compressor frames, and Air-X Changers coolers that can be adapted to any installation. Each compressor features a state-of-the-art SCADA system that allows for real-time remote access to all compressors in the fleet.

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Pegasus manufactures, monitors, and maintains to be the best


Pegasus has one of the youngest fleets in the compression industry, with an average age of three years. Such late model compressors perform more efficiently and with less environmental impact. Pegasus fabricates compressors using Caterpillar’s ADEM-4 engine, a natural-gas powered engine that operates within a wider range of fuel gas BTU, allowing the Pegasus fleet to deploy to more basins without needing additional costly fuel treating equipment. Moreover, Pegasus compressors emit fewer air emissions due to the latest catalyst technology and the need for less equipment, which not only saves our customers’ resources, but it also helps preserve the environment where Pegasus operates.


In addition to all of the mechanical improvements Pegasus pioneered for its fleet, we also partnered with FieldLink/Detechtion to equip each Pegasus compressor with Internet-connectivity. This connectivity allow us to have real-time, web-based access to the entire fleet from anywhere in the world using a computer or mobile device. Technicians can better examine current conditions, trends, and avoid safety and mechanical issues with constant data access. Pegasus is the only compression service provider to install FieldLink across its fleet.


In consultation with component part manufacturers, Pegasus has developed detailed and stringent preventive maintenance programs that increase runtime and the longevity of all Pegasus equipment. These programs have been refined over decades of compression experience, and are often the result of studies commissioned by component part manufacturers (such as Caterpillar and Ariel) in concert with Pegasus. Additionally, all Pegasus technicians are trained and certified by component part manufacturers in best practices for operating the equipment.

Pegasus’ fleet is versatile for any place or need:

Fleet includes one, two, and three stage compressors

Fleet includes various sizes for your needs (with an average horsepower per unit of more than 1,000)

Fleet is uniform allowing for efficient parts provision and ongoing maintenance

Fleet is well suited for gathering, gas lift, EOR, VRU and any other application